Aesthetic medicine services - how to restore youth?

Aesthetic medicine services – how to restore youth?

Aesthetic medicine services – how to restore youth? Aesthetic medicine is undoubtedly one of the most developing fields of medicine. Unlike plastic and reconstructive medicine, it allows you to restore youth without using a scalpel. Aesthetic medicine treatments involve restoring the skin’s natural firmness, smoothness, getting rid of cellulite, excess hair and wrinkles. This is a field that aims to improve the patient’s quality of life, as well as his rejuvenation and embellishment.

The most popular treatments

Wrinkle filling

– most often involves filling wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, nose and so-called lion wrinkles. This treatment involves the administration of botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid by means of a needle injection. Botulinum toxin infects mimic muscles, which aligns wrinkles, and hyaluronic acid causes increased water retention in the dermis – making it smooth and firm.

Lip enlargement

– this procedure involves the introduction of hyaluronic acid under the skin. It allows you to fill uneven lips or even out differences between the lips.

HIFU treatment

– high intensity focused ultrasound. Performing this treatment brings great benefits for the skin – its task is to lift the skin, this is due to the concentration of collagen fibers. HIFU is a universal device, it uses ultrasonic wave emissions that generate heat at a specific treatment site, and this contributes to tissue reconstruction and restoration of firmness. He can also cope with cellulite, stretch marks, skin defects and excess skin. Ultrasonic waves are painless for the patient. The procedure is carried out under constant control of the tissue temperature, it is comfortable and its effects are visible after one treatment.

Aesthetic dentistry

– the activities of cosmetic dentistry are focused on improving the quality of the patient’s smile. For this purpose, special lamps and gel pads are used, which improve the color of the teeth and make them white.

Needle mesotherapy

– it is a procedure based on the administration of medicinal substances to the dermis, which are aimed at improving the blood supply to the skin and getting rid of excess fat. Substances such as caffeine, hyaluronic acid or L-carnitine cause increased lipolysis (fat burning) and skin thickening. This treatment makes the skin tight, elastic and more abundant in collagen fibers. Needle mesotherapy can also be used to treat endogenous or diseased baldness-minoxidil used during this procedure lengthens the hair growth phase, which allows hair to thicken.

Laser hair removal

-laser is one of the most used tools to fight aging and correction of skin defects. It is also used in laser hair removal. The laser beam penetrates directly into the hair root, where it breaks down the dark hair dye – melanin. This is called photothermolysis. This treatment allows you to enjoy smooth skin for a long time, but its operation depends on the number of treatment series performed. To perform the procedure it is necessary to have hair in the growth phase (i.e. it must be visible). It should also be mentioned that the darker the hair, the more effectively the laser works.

Treatments using platelet rich plasma
– plasma is a natural component of the patient’s blood. They are isolated together with thrombocytes from other blood components, and then administered by injection to the patient under the skin. A thrombocyte activating factor (i.e. platelets, which coagulate it), e.g. calcium chloride or thrombin, is added to the plasma. This promotes cytokine production. Cytokines are growth substances that help bring cells into a state of mitosis – thus helping to fill skin defects, wrinkles (around the eyes, neckline, neck or forehead) or fight baldness. Platelet-rich plasma is safe for the patient, is compatible with his immune system, and provides him with some ingestion.

The right office – who to contact?

An important factor influencing the success of our surgery is the appropriate medical staff. If we want our face to look beautiful and young, and the occurrence of complications was close to the minimum, it is worth going to a specialist. Activities related to facial beautification should be performed by a physician specializing in aesthetic medicine, a dermatologist or a practitioner who specializes in this matter. A good doctor will interview the patient, make sure that there are no contraindications for the procedure. Contraindications for performing the procedure may be pregnancy, lactation, cancer or blood diseases or viral infections of the skin. When talking to a doctor, make sure about the methods used in the course of medical activities, as well as tell about past or chronic illnesses.

Aesthetic medicine is a field that helps patients correct any imperfections. Her task is to strive for satisfaction and self-acceptance of the patient whose life is the most important for doctors.