Effective website positioning

Effective website positioning

Effective website positioning. No gainful activity exists without internet activity. Reaching a wide audience is not without a website, social networking sites, online advertising, presence in the search engine and on Google maps. The website’s position in the search engine largely depends on the activity on the website, i.e. the interest of potential users. Increasing the visibility of the site is the responsibility of everyone who wants their site to be visible to Internet users.

Global Google search engine coverage

Google SEOThe number of Internet users using Google search is growing every year. Google is currently the most popular search engine, of which 93% of Internet recipients. In Poland, it is used by 20 million users a month, most of them several times a day. Google search engine covers the whole world. The promotional value of Google search is difficult to estimate. The enormous popularity of Google is the best reason to ensure that users find a given website in search results. The most effective form of promotion in search engines is website positioning.

A few words about positioning

The general definition of website positioning is: “a series of marketing activities aimed at achieving the highest possible position in the natural results of search engines. Website positioning is otherwise website optimization for search engines or SEO. Any material, regardless of the subject, which can be read and indexed by Google’s web robots can fight for high positions in search engines. Website positioning is divided into global – visible and country surfers and worldwide and local – performed in the user’s region of residence.

Local positioning

Local site optimization is a great solution for local enterprises, for small and medium-sized companies that perform services for the needs of the local population and do not expect advertising throughout the country, e.g. vulcanizers, beauticians, doctors, restaurants. For them, the most important is promotion at the place of business. Local website positioning adapts results to user requirements. Local positioning helps develop business, helps companies get out of the shadows of competition, and makes competition in business fair. Local website positioning gives a long-lasting marketing result. Its advantage is a small percentage of random users who visit the website. People who as a result of local positioning of the page will enter a given site,they are usually interested in the offer and will read the information on the website. Local positioning costs are lower than local media advertising prices.

Global positioning

Companies with headquarters in many cities and even countries, companies mainly selling via the Internet need global positioning. A store that sells a significant proportion of its sales online wants to reach as many users as possible. Thanks to global positioning, brands with users in various countries of the world are developing. Global website positioning refers not only to the geographical location, but also to the keywords used. Global phrases are expressions that do not link to the user’s location. The search engine shows a list of search results regardless of the city. This is complicated, long-term positioning, the results of which you have to wait a bit,but it gives very good marketing results – that is, it actually attracts Internet users to a positioned website. The advantages of global positioning include the low cost of acquiring new customers. Thousands of people use Google’s search engine to search online resources. The global positioning costs are much lower than the price of traditional advertising. The second advantage of global positioning is the ability to precisely define a specific group of clients. Just choose the right keywords. The website of a given company will be displayed after the recipient has entered a specific phrase. Global website positioning ensures a high position in search results of given global phrases, which translates into increased interest in a given company. A high position in the search engine translates into the trust of recipients,who trust search engine choices. In a common opinion, if a company has a high position in the search engine, it is trustworthy and Internet users use its services.

There is no modern business without website positioning. The company’s turnover depends primarily on the interest of customers. Website positioning increases website traffic and the number of requests for offers and orders for specific goods or services. Most of the recipients use the internet and the network is the main source of knowledge about services and goods for them. Economists estimate that in a few years we will be buying online more often than in a stationary store. Therefore, successful online promotion is the key to successful business and large profits.