Game consoles - which one to choose to enjoy games as much as possible?

Game consoles – which one to choose to enjoy games as much as possible?

Game consoles – which one to choose to enjoy games as much as possible? The gaming console market has been very competitive for many years, and the two main manufacturers (Sony and Microsoft) are constantly trying to pursue the battle for the buyer. No wonder – when buying selected equipment we somehow tie our future with it, and then we are “forced” (with emphasis on quotation marks) to buy games designed just for him. Nintendo – the author of the third main console currently available on the market – stands a bit on the side of this war.

Is it worth choosing a game console right now?

Gaming consoles have this feature that finally comes the time for them to give way to their newer models. Fate wanted us to be on the verge of generation at the moment. In November, new equipment will appear, definitely better technically, and above all – which has already been confirmed – also reading games from existing consoles. In this regard, it is questioned whether it is really worth to decide to buy a new console at this moment, or maybe it is better to wait just until November.

The most objective would be to say that the purchase of a gaming console at this point is very reasonable – this type of equipment is (and will be, until the launch of its successors) overrated and available almost for pennies (at least compared to its premiere price). A powerful library of games has been released for the console, which are also overestimated and made available at a very low price. However, what is important and what we said a second ago, these games will also work on newer consoles. Therefore, you can start building your own home library right now without worrying that someday we will have to sell or throw games into the corner. We must also remember that the new console will cost its ownand we don’t have to be prepared for such a huge expense. The older model will therefore be useful in a transitional moment, when the price disparity will be by far the most noticeable.

Advantages of each console – which one to choose?

If we have already decided and want to decide on a game console right now, we must be aware that on the market – as we have already mentioned earlier – there are models from three different manufacturers and each of them has its own game library (and prices of each title) , aiming at a slightly different type of player. They also differ, of course, in the equipment itself. We currently have the choice:

PlayStation 4 – this console is currently the most popular on the market, which translates into a huge community of players, cheap games from the secondary market (in a very large number, precisely because of the number of recipients). This popularity is followed by the largest offer of exclusive titles, i.e. titles that are only available on this equipment – importantly, almost each of them is simply a title of high flights. The console’s hardware does not differ from its main competitor, and in itself allows you to play everything except exclusive titles for the competition.
Xbox One – the main advantage of Xbox One, apart from the most attractive price on the market, is the presence of the so-called “Game Pass” – a subscription service that would be easiest to compare to the popular Netflix. By paying one subscription, we gain access to a very wide range of varied games – without having to buy them separately. Importantly, these are not only older titles, but also newly released ones. Xbox One in its latest model, X, is also the cheapest 4K player on the market – through it you can read movie discs in this resolution. The Xbox itself also has several series of games unique to it – Forza, Gears of War or the equally popular Halo.

Nintendo Switch – this is the most innovative and innovative console, created with the idea of ​​providing fun, not great feelings related to graphics or sound. It has the most popular game series in the world, including Mario, Metroid Prime and The Legend of Zelda . However, its construction alone attracts the largest numbers of players to it, because it allows you to play both in front of the TV screen and figuratively. This way you can have fun with every title available on this platform. The whole console, in turn, focuses on multiplayer gameplay “on one couch”, which is vain to expect in most games released on other game consoles.

If we are not very demanding and we simply do not need to have the best equipment currently available on the market, the option for us may also be to invest in previous generation models (be it PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360). Although they will be much cheaper and definitely inferior in hardware, and also available primarily in the “used” form, the library of games just released on them is not able to provide thousands of hours with little financial outlay. Naturally, the choice should be primarily based on our expectations, application (the child will expect newer equipment through which to play with friends – the cheaper one may suffice) and the budget we have.