Is a visit to the dentist necessary if we care about a beautiful smile?

Is a visit to the dentist necessary if we care about a beautiful smile?

Is a visit to the dentist necessary if we care about a beautiful smile? Hardly anyone is happy to visit the dentist’s office . We usually go to the dentist when our teeth start to ache. This is a mistake, because regular check-ups will detect any problems in advance. The dentist will thoroughly examine the condition of our teeth and possibly recommend us to undergo specific treatments. They don’t have to be painful at all. Many of them are related to dental care, thanks to which we will keep a beautiful-looking smile. These are so-called treatments in the field of aesthetic dentistry. Combined with daily oral prophylaxis – thorough tooth brushing – we will get the best results when it comes to the appearance of the dental system. Many of these treatments are interrelated and must be performed in a specific order. Scaling, sandblasting and teeth whitening are particularly popular. Thanks to them we will get rid of all imperfections and harmful deposits. An experienced dentist will carry out these procedures quickly and painlessly.

The first step – scaling procedure

Brushing your teeth is an absolute foundation if you want a healthy smile. We are not always able to thoroughly clean all the recesses in our mouth. Then tartar forms. It deposits primarily around the necks of the teeth and consists of a mineralized bacterial plaque. Is one of the main causes of various oral diseases. Caries and periodontitis are the most common. A particularly dangerous situation occurs when gingivitis occurs. Painful swelling may be accompanied by bleeding. That is why regular tartar removal is so important. We should visit the dentist at least once every six months. If a lot of mineralized plaque has deposited on our teeth, scaling will be necessary.

One of the most effective methods of tartar removal is the so-called ultrasonic scaling. With it, dentists are able to reach hard deposits arising around the necks and in the gaps between the teeth. These are places where an ordinary brush is not able to effectively get rid of deposits. Because of this, it accumulates until large deposits form. The dentist used an ultrasonic scaler, which is a special device that generates high frequency vibrations. This is how our enamel does not get damaged when breaking stone. When it comes to scaling, we can distinguish two main types of treatments. The first of these is supragingival scaling, which involves the removal of deposits on the surface of the tooth crown. Water combined with ultrasound is perfect for this purpose. If it is carried out by an experienced dentist, we will feel practically no pain. In turn, subgingival scaling will usually be a little painful. People with sensitive gums are particularly vulnerable. This treatment focuses on the stone that has accumulated below the gum line. It is specifically about gingival pockets and requires a special dental cure to facilitate access.

Second step – sandblasting

Sandblasting is the perfect complement to scaling. Thanks to it, they manage to get rid of any leftover plaque. In addition, it allows you to remove some discoloration. Proper sanding should leave us with smooth teeth ready for whitening. The dentist uses a special sandblaster that produces a stream of dental sand. Is released in the form of an air-water aerosol that takes away sand particles. It is thanks to this that the dentist can reach even the deepest recesses of our teeth. It gets rid of tartar deposits, improving the condition of our teeth and gums. The risk of developing oral diseases is significantly reduced. There is no reason to be afraid of this surgery. He is completely painless and we don’t have to prepare for it in any way. The optimal prophylactic effect is obtained if we undergo scaling and sanding once every six months. With the help of a dentist we will get a beautiful and healthy smile.

Third step – teeth whitening

Our teeth lose their white shade mainly due to plaque buildup. Yellow discoloration types are formed. To remedy this, however, you only need to brush your teeth regularly using the right toothpaste. However, if discoloration results from excessive erosion of the enamel and exposure of the dentine, it may be necessary to seek the assistance of a dentist. We go to the dental office, where there are several different methods for whitening teeth. Laser whitening treatment is very popular because it saves a lot of time and energy. Within it, a whitening preparation is applied to thoroughly cleaned and dried teeth. It is best if they have already undergone scaling and sanding. The dentist uses a lamp or laser to speed up the whitening process. It will usually take 20 to 40 minutes.


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