What can plastic surgery offer us?

What can plastic surgery offer us?

What can plastic surgery offer us? Plastic surgery is still rather negative for many people. However, the treatments that plastic surgery offers us are not only breast augmentation or nose reduction, and very often they allow you to cope with existing complexes and get the look you had previously dreamed of for a long time. Appearance is ultimately of great importance in everyday life and affects not only how other people perceive us, but also how we perceive ourselves.

Different reasons for undergoing surgery

Plastic surgery offers a range of different treatments that are used for many reasons. Very often, aesthetic considerations influence the decision to submit to them . Improving your appearance is often the only way to gain previously lost confidence, and at the same time a way to feel better each day and smile on your face when looking at yourself in the mirror. Many people, however, decide on treatments and surgeries, guided by health – removing burns, accident scars, liposuction or reducing the size of the breasts can make everyday life more comfortable.

Choosing a specialist

It’s best to go to a trusted professional who will perform the procedure. Plastic surgery requires adequate experience and extensive knowledge of physiology, anatomy and other fields . By choosing the right person to coordinate the treatment, the patient will be properly qualified and will receive an individually tailored treatment. It is worth to carefully read the offers of various aesthetic medicine clinics, consult other people and read comments posted on the internet. It is worth thinking and consulting a decision to know exactly what is expected. You should also, during the first consultation with a specialist of your choice, ask all the questions and find out everything that is important about the course of the procedure and the achievable results.

Popular treatments

A year ago, the most frequently performed procedures in the field of aesthetic medicine were, among others: nose correction, breast augmentation, eyelid correction and face lifting.

Breast augmentation

The procedure is most often performed for purely aesthetic reasons, but sometimes there are also medical indications for this type of surgery. Thanks to the treatment you can effectively improve the appearance of the bust as well as its shape and firmness . In most cases, implants are implanted with a silicone gel or saline, there is also the possibility of transplanting the patient’s fat cells from another part of the body – the abdomen, buttocks, thighs. The whole lasts about two hours and gives long-lasting effects.

Eyelid surgery

This type of plastic surgery involves removing excess eyelid skin. It is performed mainly due to drooping eyelids and to get rid of bags under the eyes . This allows you to get a clearly younger look, and often also widens the field of view, if the skin has limited it before. The procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia and usually takes up to 3 hours.


The correction of the nose is often dictated by the presence of a hump on it or by the fact that it is asymmetrical, curved. Nose correction is also a procedure that brings results in the case of sleep apnea, snoring, or if nasal passages are affected. The surgeon can make the nose slender, shorten, raise its tip, straighten and remove the hump. Everything should last no more than 2 hours.

Ear correction

Plastic surgery deals with the problem of protruding or uneven ears, which are very often the reason for low self-confidence and many complexes. Thanks to this treatment, you can reduce your ears and shape their correct profile. It is often used by adults, but also by children.

Face lifting

The most often convinced to perform a face lift are pictures of previously performed procedures that have brought satisfactory results. By lifting , visible signs of aging are removed by eliminating excess flabby skin. At the same time, the mimic muscles are tensed. Depending on the type of facelift, the effects can last from two to even ten years.


In this case, plastic surgery allows you to cope with excess body fat. Most often it is removed from the thighs, hips and buttocks, as well as the abdomen, chin or arms . Currently, modern liposuction methods are used, e.g. using lasers, which are not highly invasive. Fat cells are broken down and then removed, which leads to a noticeable improvement in appearance.

Plastic surgery has been developing constantly for many years and is becoming increasingly popular. It gives the ability to change individual parts of the body and often brings amazing results. If the procedure is performed by a professional, there will certainly be no complications or uncontrolled changes, and the patient will find that his life has changed for the better.