What cosmetics and nail accessories to choose?

What cosmetics and nail accessories to choose?

What cosmetics and nail accessories to choose? Well-groomed hands and nails are the business card of every woman. Appropriate cosmetics and nail accessories will allow you to care for them and maintain an impeccable appearance. What to do to have health and beautiful nails?

A well-kept tile

Nail care should start with a plate. Weak and brittle nails should be properly nourished before we start painting and decorating. To start with, it is worth reaching for conditioners that are designed to strengthen the nail plate. Choose conditioners based on natural ingredients, because chemical additives can cause nail crumbling. Treatment with a conditioner can last even several months, but without it it will be difficult to maintain a beautiful appearance of the nail. Moisturizing the skin around the nail also plays a significant role. Despite the fact that there are a lot of creams and lotions especially for cuticles available on the market, it is worth reaching for olive oil and spreading the cuticles three times a week. If they are extremely dry, the treatment can be repeated even every day. Olive oil is a product of natural origin,which allows you to instantly nourish your skins.

Giving shape

Nail accessories will give them shape. Some women prefer tonsil-shaped nails, others prefer a square. Shaping is also giving the right length to the nails. For this purpose, we do not use scissors, but a file. Any burrs can be removed with a cutter. The file will give nails the desired shape and length, and polish the nail before applying the varnish. It should have adequate graininess, instead of a file you can also use a polishing block. For a better look of the nails, it is necessary to move the cuticles and get rid of those that overlap the plate. If we follow the principle of proper moisturizing the cuticles, their removal should not be painful, because they will be soft.


With the right nail accessories in the form of varnishes https://elarto.pl/177-zele-hybrydowe, brocades or dusts we can give them an original look. The choice of varnish color depends on individual preferences, but when choosing them you should pay attention to make them match your everyday wardrobe. For example, when dressing in shades of green, pink nails should be avoided. Subdued colors usually work well – beige, gray or pastels usually go with any color of clothes, and are also suitable for work. We can choose other colors for larger events, although delicate colors are also best suited for elegant parties. Nail polish’s biggest problem is nail polish’s durability. Unfortunately, usually after two days unsightly splinters appear, through which you need to paint the tile again. Some manufacturers ensurethat their nail polish stays on the nails for up to a week, but in fact a nail polish that is not light-cured or chemically-resistant will usually stay on the nail plate for a few days at most. To extend the durability of the varnish, we can use nail accessories, which are varnish hardeners. However, it is worth ensuring that the hardener is of the same brand as the varnish. Otherwise, we can get the opposite effect to the intended one – the varnish will chip off, instead of holding on.Otherwise, we can get the opposite effect to the intended one – the varnish will chip off, instead of holding on.Otherwise, we can get the opposite effect to the intended one – the varnish will chip off, instead of holding on.


Nail decorations will allow you to diversify their stylization. All you have to do is sprinkle the wet varnish on https://elarto.pl/628-zdobienie-pciukci and you will get an interesting effect. On the store shelves we can find a whole range of decorating products. Among them, rhinestones are very popular, which sticks to one fingernail in each hand, preferably on the engagement finger. Varnishes are also fashionable, which thanks to the thin brush will allow you to draw the selected pattern on the nails. The big disadvantage of applying additional decorations on the nails is that they are difficult to remove along with the layer of varnish that is underneath. For this purpose, it is best to use acetone, but it destroys the nail plate and causes it to crumble.

Where to buy?

In larger cities there are many specialized stores with nail accessories. In addition to the basic cosmetics and decorations, you can also buy professional equipment and products for such as hybrid manicure. Many stores also sell online, so people from smaller towns also have access to specialized products. People with extensive knowledge of nail art work at such points, so you can get help choosing nail accessories. The downside of this type of nail accessories stores are the prices. They are usually quite high. Nail care cosmetics can also be purchased at wholesalers, where prices are much lower and the selection is huge. Drugstores are also popular stores, located in almost every shopping center. Prices,in which they sell the products depend on the particular brand. Some drugstores organize various events to which they invite cosmetology specialists and experienced manicurists who are happy to give advice on nail care.